Category: Author interviews

An interview with Arthur Swan

The author of The Encanto (La Fog) talks about his latest book, what inspired it, his themes, how story ideas come to him, what he does when he isn’t writing, his favourite authors, and lots more.

An interview with Andrew Rowen

The author of Columbus and Caonabó: 1493–1498 Retold talks about his new book and why it’s still important for people to understand 1492 and its aftermath, why he chose to write historical fiction, his research, his characters, the story of Taíno resistance and the devastating aftermath of the invasion, Isabel and Ferdinand and their role (and what they gained), and much more.

Interview with Paulette Stout

The author of Love, Only Better talks about her book, about the climax, about why now is the right time for this book and these conversations, her characters, the importance of sexual gratification, and lots more.

An Interview with Dennis “Mitch” Maley

Dennis “Mitch” Maley, a Bradenton, Florida journalist and author, delves into harsh historical events in his newest book, Burn Black Wall Street Burn (Punk Rock Publishing June 2021), and he does so with verve, talent, and force. Told through the eyes of several characters, the book is a riveting, up close and personal story of one of America’s ugliest moments. Written as historical fiction, or “dramatized history,” the book is accurate, but goes beyond the hard facts to vividly tell an intimate story of many lives at the center of a tragedy.

An interview with Emanuel Xavier

The author of Selected Poems of Emanuel Xavier talks about his book, dedications, selection criteria, the ballroom scene and Jesus, Spanglish, his favorite poems, poetry and the pandemic and more.

An interview with RWR McDonald

The author of Nancy Business talks about the premise of his new book and where the idea came from, on being adopted into the Crime genre community, his twelve year old narrator, his New Zealand setting, books he’s recently read and loved, and more.

Interview with Richard Souza

The author of A Cage Full of Monkeys talks about his new book, the word “Saudade” and the role it plays in his life, his early sexual experiences, memory imagined and reconfigured, his literary references, why he wrote the book, and lots more.