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On Characterization and Place in Poetry: A conversation between Tennison Black and Tiffany Troy

Tennison S. Black is the author of Survival Strategies (UGA Press, 2023), which won the National Poetry Series. Tiffany Troy is author of Dominus (BlazeVOX [books]) and co-translator of Santiago Acosta’s The Coming Desert /El próximo desierto (forthcoming, Alliteration Publishing House). In this warm, rich conversation, the two poets talk about their latest books, journey, history, characterization, voice, legacy, craft and much more.

An interview with Ruth Danon

The author of Turn Up The Heat talks about her latest book, about becoming a poet and the nature of poetry, the relationship between form and content, her style, the subject-object relationship, rhythm and musicality, voice, on doing readings, and lots more.

An interview with Adam Sass

Adam Sass spills the tea on his inspiration for writing, the relationship between his different books, his characterised settings, his themes, characters, plots, the influence of Wes Craven, literary breadcrumbs, his next YA, and lots more.

An interview with Black Foam’s Haji Jaber

The author of Black Foam talks about his new book, why he wrote it, his research, the relationship between his work as a journalist and his work as a writer, his audience, his favourite books, Dar al-Tanweer, why he teaches, and more.