Category: Author interviews

An interview with Cindy Morgan

Singer/songwriter Cindy Morgan is a two-time Grammy nominee, a thirteen- time Dove winner, and a recipient of the prestigious Songwriter of the Year trophy. In this in-depth interview, she talks about her first novel, The Year of Jubilee, the real-life story behind it, first memory impacts, faith, civil rights, the mother-daughter dynamic, her characters, settings, the “poor mind”, and lots more.

Marina Rubin in Conversation with Stephanie Dickinson

Marina Rubin in Conversation with Stephanie Dickinson, discussing Rubin’s new book Knockout Beauty and Other Afflictions – a collection of stories of desire, damage, and human meandering. The authors discuss, among other things, influences, the advantages of being multilingual, linguistic precision, characterisation, utilising humour, the power of the first line reveal, and lots more.

An interview with Dale Griffin

The author of The Last Lion of Karkov talks about his new book, his characters and the process of creating feisty female protagonists, his inspiration and why he’s donating his sales to Girls, Inc, his new work-in-progress and lots more.

“A poem is an object made of words”: A conversation with Flemish poet, novelist, and art critic, Willem M. Roggeman

In re-reading the interview now, it is clear that Gary Snyder was just an entry point for me to have a conversation with a true renaissance man of poetry. I’m reminded of the Pakistani proverb that says when you share the first cup of tea, you are a stranger. With the second cup, you are a friend, and with the third cup, you become family. Mr. Roggeman and I sipped coffee during our conversation, and it was clear that we quickly moved through the three cups from strangers to friends.

An interview with Tom Maremaa

Tom Maremaa talks about his new book Chrome and Punishment, a new mash-up of a Dostoevsky classic, including how the book came about, what makes this mash-up different from the original, St Petersburg, Raskolnikov and how he fares in this new version, his new characters, a hint at the ending(s) and more.

An interview with Julia Brewer Daily

The author of The Fifth Daughter of Thorn Ranch talks about her new book, research, personal connection to the work, the fact behind the fiction, women’s reproductive rights, and more.

An Interview with Xu Xi, author of Monkey in Residence and Other Speculations

Xu Xi is an Indonesian-Chinese novelist, fiction writer, and essayist from Hong Kong who became a U.S. citizen at the age of 33. Author of fifteen books, including, most recently, Monkey in Residence and Other Speculations (Signal 8 Press, UK, November 1, 2022), This Fish is Fowl: Essays of Being (Nebraska 2019), Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy for A City (Penguin 207), That Man in Our Lives (C&R 2016), she also co-authored The Art and Craft of Asian Stories (Bloomsbury, 2021). In this interview she talks about her latest book, her inspiration, her typical writer’s day, and more.

In The Tradition of Dutch Masters: an interview with Ben Rikken

Rikken feels it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact moment one decides to make art their life, but there is still a traceable, cumulative trajectory and the necessity to reflect upon history and past traditions. To define one’s unique art and expression, there comes an inevitable absorption then rejection of established theories that allows the artist to express their unique voice.