Category: Author interviews

An Interview with David Sklar

The author of Moonstone Hero talks about His own experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the effect that experience had on him, how, as a medical doctor, he incorporated his expertise into Moonstone Hero, the various philosophical and moral questions that the novel dives into, how he blended aspects of several genres (adventure, romance, literary fiction) into one cohesive story, on the nature of heroism, how Moonstone Hero is a tribute to the doctors who have risked their lives for others during the Covid-19 crisis, and lots more.

An interview with Jeff Seitzer

The author of The Fun Master talks about his new book, about being a stay-at-home dad, how his own neurological experience both helped and hindered him in managing his son Ethan’s special needs, the best (and worst) parenting advice he received, what changed for him as a stay-at-home dad after Ethan passed away, how he came to write the book, and lots more.

An Interview with Rudy Ruiz

The author of Valley of Shadows talks about his new book and its relation to his previous book, the historical events that inspired the book his protagonists, the role of the U.S.-Mexico border in Valley of Shadows, his advocacy, magic realism, his themes, and much more.

An interview with East of Troost’s Ellen Barker

The author of East of Troost talks about her new novel and its inspiration, the decisions she made about the book and areas of potential pushback, other books dealing with racism that have had a strong impact on her, her new book set in St Louis, and more.

An interview with Jane Enright

The author of Butter Side Up talks about her new book its unique hybrid of memoir and how-to, the book vs her speaking gigs, the accompanying playbook, Jane’s Jam and how the two should be used together, and more.

An interview with Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters’ Maya Sonenberg

Irish novelist and short story writer Shauna Gilligan interviews Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters’ author Maya Sonenberg about the stories in her new book and how they echo one another, notions of identity, artefacts, family dynamics, time and perspective, emotions, transitions, and lots of other things both deep and fun.

An interview with Maren Cooper

The author of Finding Grace talks about her new book, where the idea came from, characters, influences, target readers, and on starting writing later in life.

An interview with Ben Ewell

The author of Sunday Afternoons and other Times Remembered: A Memoir talks about his new book, his influences, his target reader, the music that inspires him, his work in progress and more.