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An Interview with Author David Dvorkin

“I’m more invigorated artistically now than I have been for decades,” says author David Dvorkin in his soft, lilting English accent.  We’re sitting in a quaint coffee shop discussing his new novel, Cage of Bone. The novel, he explains, is a crime thriller with telepathy, psychological components and a science fiction twist. 

An interview with Ninety-Day Wonder’s Stephen Davenport

Now ninety-three, he shares his frank recollection of his discomfort, ill-fit, and near disastrous mishaps calling the shots for his ship and crew, many who were tagged the Greatest Generation. He also recounts becoming a newly-wed, and his first years with his sweetheart, Joanna. (Steve and Joanna are now in their 70th year of marriage.)

A Conversation between Mary Pacifico Curtis and Tiffany Troy

Hawk’s Cry by Mary Pacifco Curtis and Dominus by Tiffany Troy are episodic lyric poems that find beauty in the turn of the “pressed, pleated and fine” congregate towards empathy. In this wide-reaching conversation the two poets talk about their work, traditions, empathy, poetry in general and lots more.

An interview with Andy Mozina

Andy Mozina’s latest novel Tandem is a wild ride that explores the psyche of victim and perpetrator as well as the weirdness and malleability of love. It’s at the same time hilarious and morally jarring. In this warm and engaging interview, he speaks with Steve Hughes, writer and publisher of Detroit’s longest-running zine Stupor about his book, and lots more.

An interview with Robbie Couch

New York Times bestselling author Robbie Couch talks with Nick Havey about his latest queer YA romcom, his settings, on baking, why everything is blue, characters and side characters, time loops, mistakes and lots more.

Dreams, Fairies, and Silent Hollywood: A Q&A with Kathleen Rooney, author of ‘From Dust to Stardust’

The inspiration for A Star Is Born, author of a book of financial tips for women, and one of the world’s most famous flappers, Colleen Moore left a legacy that flourishes in Rooney’s new novel, From Dust to Stardust. The book, full of hope, is an elegantly told fictionalized version of her life, under the new name Doreen O’Dare. In this interview, Rooney talks about some of the book’s most powerful themes.

An interview with Joanne Greenberg

She laughs when she talks about those who think she’s locked up somewhere “blowing square bubbles.” She went on to have a “normal” life, got married, raised a family, wrote twenty novels, worked as an anthropology professor at the Colorado School of Mines, volunteered as the first female EMT in her mountain community, tutored students in Hebrew, made jam and sewed clothes…and made trouble when necessary.

An interview with Robert McKean

Robert McKean spoke via email with Caitlin Hamilton Summie about his latest novel, Mending What is Broken, published by University of W. Alabama/Livingston Press on August 20th. While also a writer, Summie is also McKean’s publicist. Their conversation focused on his new book but also included a few questions about craft, as McKean always writes about the same fictional place, across all his books. Each book, however, works as a stand-alone.

An interview with Joe Hutchison

The erstwhile Poet Laureate of Colorado talks about the life of a Poet Laureate & that monster paycheck, Marked Men and the Sand Creek Massacre, A nightmare with Colonel Chivington, William Carlos Williams and Ted Kooser, “Buy local” *What’s a good poem?* Creepy metaphors, Wergle Flomp, University teaching; graduate poets, when bad poetry hits big and much more. 

An Interview with Kathryn K. Abdul-Baki

The author of Dancing Into the Light: An Arab-American Girlhood in the Middle East talks about her new book, what it was like growing up with parents who had two very different cultural backgrounds and other childhood memories, dispelling stereotypes, grief and families, dancing, and lots more.