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A review of The OK Team by Nick Place

The varying narrative, slightly otherworldly Gotham city setting, and the overall positive messages makes this a good choice for young boys – particularly those who are struggling to enjoy the world of books. That it also involves a fair amount of wish fulfillment also adds to this books charm for children.

A review of Pharaoh by Jackie French

This is an exciting, easy to read, and edifying book which is suitable for all ages. The combination of an excellent, stirring plot, sympathetic and well developed characters, a hint of romance, and a positive, well researched historical context for a critical and surprisingly relevant period in humanity’s makes this a winner.

A review of The Goldseekers by Greg Bastian

Although there is drama and some dark moments in the story, The Goldseekers is never overwhelmed by them. This is a novel which a good reader as young as six (my six year old enjoyed it greatly) would enjoy and gain from,…

Interview with Morris Gleitzman

The author of Worm Story  talks about his anti-hero, his workshops, the way children have and haven’t changed over the years, why being called a parasite should be a compliment, why “slime” makes such an appealing character to children, his next book, an exclusive recipe/warning for Mars bars and baked apple, and lots more.

A review of Terry Denton’s Storymaze Series

So what’s Denton’s secret? First of all, the book contains a quirky narrative interspersed with cartoons. These aren’t the pretty pastel pictures they got with their preschool books though. Denton’s cartoons are only slightly more sedate than Robert Crumb’s Mr…

The Harry Potter Novels

There have been books that appealed to all ages. There have been books meant for adults that have become, often in an edited form, classics for children. Within the genre of fantasy there have been a few books that have…