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Interview with Moses Isegawa

Moses Isegawa talks to The Compulsive Reader about the writing of Abyssinian Chronicles, modern Uganda, on living in exile, and his next book, showing the same dry, wry humour displayed in his novel. Interview by Magdalena Ball Compulsive Reader: Tell me…

An Interview with Matthew Kneale

In this exclusive interview, Matthew Kneale talks about the making of English Passengers, some of his main characters, winning the Whitbread, racism, fiction versus reality, and his next book. Interview by Magdalena Ball Compulsive Reader: You’ve mentioned in other interviews that…

An Interview with Lily Brett

Lily Brett talks about her book New York, the Big Apple itself, on the cult of busyness, on what it means to be an Australian writer, on being Jewish, her next book, and more.

Interview with Michael Meanwell

The author of The Enterprising Writer talks about making a living with writing, setting up a business, obtaining clients, self-publishing, e-publishing, commercial writing, his online store, and his books in this very detailed interview. Interview by Magdalena Ball Magdalena: Tell me…

Interview with Gail Sedorkin

 The Author of Interviewing: A Guide for Journalists and Writers talks about the different types of interviewing, interviewing heroes, the best interview she ever did, her own horror stories, her next book, and more.

Interview with Simone Lazaroo

Simone Lazaroo talks about the making of The Australian Fiance, her unique narrative style, the big themes, Australian literature, photography, poetry, and her next work.