A review of In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Reviewed by E.D. Randall

In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms
by Dr. Laura Schlesinger
Paperback: 224 pages, ISBN-10: 0061720119, April 7, 2009

The purpose of this book is not to force conservative viewpoints on women or to convince a woman to forfeit her career to stay at home to raise her children. Instead Dr. Laura applauds and adulates the most undervalued and unappreciated members of society-stay-at-home mothers. Dr. Laura shows the many great rewards of motherhood through her own personal experiences as well as may other stay-at-home mothers. She and countless other women lovingly remember the smiles their children gave them, the silly behaviors of their children, and regular mother-child moments. Although Dr. Laura admits that there are some moments she wishes have never occurred, she is proud to say that being a mother is her greatest achievement.

I remember when I read this book for the very first time at the young adult age eighteen. I was moved by the heartwarming stories of motherhood. I was filled with a maternal longing. It was not until I read this book did I realize how strong my desire to be a mother was. This book is lifechanging. Many women who are Dr. Laura listeners and readers, as well as, former working mothers are glad to have made the decision to stay home and raise their children. I firmly believe that this book will benefit every woman as an individual. In fact, this book has merely fueled my desires to be a mother.

Dr. Laura reveals society’s opposing viewpoints towards motherhood. Her primary examples are mainly feminists who argue that motherhood strips a woman of her identity. I have one simple question: “How so?” Of course the opponents respond: “Motherhood has no purpose and shows that a woman lacks ambition.” The book shows how it is a purposeful dream and a highly ambitious goal. You don’t only love and care for a child, and have his or her best interests at heart. You are also raising a succesful individual. You are making an enormous contribution to society. Moreover, you are your child’s nurturer, best friend, cook, amid, chauffer, caregiver, supporter, and teacher. Yes, it is possible to hire a maid to clean your home and a chef to cook your meals just so you don’t have add to your list of responsiblities that await you after a long day at work. As a working mother you do have options for child care such as hiring a nanny or sending your child to a day care center. Rest assured your child will be fed and under adult supervision. But how can your child learn the morals and values that you wish to impart on him? How is a child supposed to feel loved by you? Last but not least, will a child benefit from the love or care from her own mother or the daily supervision of a day care worker? This is all good food for thought Dr. Laura provides for all female readers. Dr. Laura raised her own child, therefore she knows the benefits and rewards of motherhood.

I want to thank Dr. Laura Schlessinger for encouraging me to embrace my strong conservative values. Her book is a treasure worth saving for an eternity. She supports my decision to be a mother and and indirectly praises me for choosing to raise my own children.

About the reviewer: E.D. Randall is an aspiring writer who has made many unsuccessful attempts over the past eight years to get published. As an avid reader, E.D. finds great inspiration from quality works of literature. “Literature is the best source of inspiration.” E.D. admits openly and proudly. Writing is her favorite form of personal expression, since it enables people to see her for who she truly is. “I want the world to view me as a strong Christian, socially conservative, kind, mature, and intelligent.” Her current residence is in South Florida with her family. This summer she will either be in her own apartment or a piad writing internship.