A review of Your Lonely Nights Are Over by Adam Sass

Like any good slasher, almost every interaction is ripe with suspicion. A solo car ride with the potential killer? A real nail biter. Texting a hookup that’s already inside your house, hiding in a closet? Talk about a lethal metaphor. A drive-in located in the middle of nowhere that the killer(s) certainly have tickets to? Sounds like a fun Friday night.

A review of Daddy by Michael Montlack

Beautifully written, these haunting poems pay tribute to brave men who were thrust into the AIDS crisis, and in the midst of fear and death, supported each other in hospitals across America. There are poems about first dates, Valentines, vacations, and break-ups. There is also a lot of humor in this section, through curious and endearing situations that are entertaining to readers of all sexual orientations.