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An Interview with Angélica Lopes

The author of The Curse of the Flores Women talks about her new book and its inspiration, its Brazilian setting of rural Pernambuco, lacemaking, historical fiction, feminism, the differences between writing scripts for movies and TVs and writing novels, research, writing YA and lots more.

An Interview with Jolene Gutierrez

Now fifty—looks 30—Gutiérrez feels like she’s just hitting her stride as an author. I had the chance to sit down in her inviting library, surrounded by books and stained glass, to talk about writing, kids, libraries, and the power and joy of books. 

On Characterization and Place in Poetry: A conversation between Tennison Black and Tiffany Troy

Tennison S. Black is the author of Survival Strategies (UGA Press, 2023), which won the National Poetry Series. Tiffany Troy is author of Dominus (BlazeVOX [books]) and co-translator of Santiago Acosta’s The Coming Desert /El próximo desierto (forthcoming, Alliteration Publishing House). In this warm, rich conversation, the two poets talk about their latest books, journey, history, characterization, voice, legacy, craft and much more.

An interview with Ruth Danon

The author of Turn Up The Heat talks about her latest book, about becoming a poet and the nature of poetry, the relationship between form and content, her style, the subject-object relationship, rhythm and musicality, voice, on doing readings, and lots more.

An Interview with Author David Dvorkin

“I’m more invigorated artistically now than I have been for decades,” says author David Dvorkin in his soft, lilting English accent.  We’re sitting in a quaint coffee shop discussing his new novel, Cage of Bone. The novel, he explains, is a crime thriller with telepathy, psychological components and a science fiction twist. 

An interview with Ninety-Day Wonder’s Stephen Davenport

Now ninety-three, he shares his frank recollection of his discomfort, ill-fit, and near disastrous mishaps calling the shots for his ship and crew, many who were tagged the Greatest Generation. He also recounts becoming a newly-wed, and his first years with his sweetheart, Joanna. (Steve and Joanna are now in their 70th year of marriage.)

A Conversation between Mary Pacifico Curtis and Tiffany Troy

Hawk’s Cry by Mary Pacifco Curtis and Dominus by Tiffany Troy are episodic lyric poems that find beauty in the turn of the “pressed, pleated and fine” congregate towards empathy. In this wide-reaching conversation the two poets talk about their work, traditions, empathy, poetry in general and lots more.