A review of The Hanging by Paddy Bostock

Reviewed by Nayab Imtiaz

The Hanging
by Paddy Bostock
Wings ePress, Inc
May 1, 2018, ASIN: B07C6GT7ML

Some books are hard to put down and end up transporting you to another world. The world of magic and suspense, this book did exactly that. It took me to a magical world, an escape that I always seek whenever I pick up a book. Reading for me is like breathing and a book well-written is an addiction and a weakness. Some books just leave you staring at the wall and reflect all over again, and at every turn. This book left me with a lesson that I’d cherish.

‘’Bloody hell, where am I?’’ said Albert
‘’In a world to which you are not accustomed,’’ said Mordy,
‘’But the fear shall pass and all manner of things will be well.’’

This dialogue made me stop and think. Well, isn’t this what exactly life is? The amazing thing about some books is that when they talk to you and let you derived your own meaning, the abstractness and ambiguity of it make the experience even more beautiful and this book is an excellent example of it. We all live in a world we are not accustomed to and as we grow, we let go of the fear and things start to look better.

The Hanging is a thrilling read. It is enchanting, very well written and has a storyline that would for sure keep you hooked till the very end. It is a perfect blend of magic, paranormal, thriller and suspense; you really couldn’t ask for more. If you enjoy reading a thriller with a dash of magic and paranormal then this is exactly the kind of book you need. The Hanging is the book you can put on your shelf and cherish forever. I wouldn’t think twice re-reading it.