A review of The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan

Reviewed by Jonathan Leger

The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan
by Michelle Schoffro Cook
ISBN: 72381270162, May 2006, Paperback: 356pg

This detox plan is comprehensive, gentle and flexible, providing a fantastic full-body cleanse for anyone willing to commit to the 28-day process. The author is a highly trained Doctor of Natural Medicine and Doctor of Acupuncture. Her dedication to helping others shines through in this holistic cleansing guide.

The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan opens with a quiz to determine how toxic your body is and whether you need a detox. Many of these symptoms are commonly taken for granted in the modern world, particularly as people age. The list includes being tired, experiencing various pains and digestive issues as well as some dietary habits.

She then dives into the issues we face regarding contaminants in our environment and why detoxification is important for everyone. It is an eye-opening journey into the food and beverage industry and how people are manipulated by artificially created ingredients among other things.

The book contains a wealth of information for the size regarding the toxins in the air and water. Our exposure to harmful chemicals is revealed through examining the ingredients in cleaning and beauty products. Charts of these common items make it easy to see the hazards people are exposed to and the potential health hazards associated with them.

After reading all of the places that toxins are lurking, it is easy to see why a cleanse is in order for most people in the western world. This plan moves through four distinct weekly phases and addresses a specific system each week. You can extend any of the weeks for a longer period of time if part of your body seems particularly toxic. The flexibility and slow-pace of this detox are a great alternative to harsher, fast-moving cleanses.

Many of the detox plans out there just have you opening packages of supplements and drinking large amounts of water while eating a restricted diet. Going through a detox too fast can actually release too many toxins into your system at once. The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan is designed to avoid this complication.

With each step, there are clear directions on what to eat and drink. It suggests herbs and other supplements to help cleanse the targeted systems. For the herbal teas, specific amounts are listed to avoid complications related to drinking too much.

The book includes acupressure points for each of the steps and provides excellent suggestions for foods to eat during and after the cleanse. Even though I have seen acupressure points elsewhere related to cleansing, I feel much safer using the ones suggested by Ms. Cook because of her Doctor of Acupuncture degree.

The positions shown are for hands and feet, including directions on how to properly apply pressure or move across the area. These could even be used by a person who has already completed the cleanse just to help keep those organs functioning well!

A list of the 25 “super foods” is included. It describes the nutritional value of spinach, garlic and 23 other foods that bring a lot to the table, so to speak. Another list discusses 12 foods that will help those with excess weight to naturally burn more fat.

At the conclusion of the book is a description of several holistic therapies that are compatible with the cleanse, along with information about how to find practitioners. For example, aromatherapy is suggested as a complement to the detoxification program. By using the right essential oils, anyone can get a boost of energy or a fragrant moment of relaxation.

I had heard of some of these treatments, but not all. It was an exciting introduction to additional holistic methods of healing. If someone has never read much about natural healing, this book contains a great descripton of several therapies that aid cleansing efforts and general health. For instance, the Alexander Technique teaches correct posture while far-infrared sauna visits raise your core temperature and expedite toxin expulsion.

There is even a section with delectable recipes to use during the cleanse. From cleansing juices to flavorful desserts, these healthy mixtures are also really yummy!

I thought this book was a fantastic and informative read. Anyone who wants to cleanse their body and learn more about how to live a healthy life can benefit from reading The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan and putting these steps into action.

About the reviewer: Jonathan Leger is a small business owner and personal development enthusiast. He also runs a popular question and answer website with a section dedicated to books and ebooks.