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A review of Get Lean, Stay Lean by Dr Joanna McMillan

The advice provided by Dr Joanna McMillan in Get Lean, Stay Lean is neither faddish nor confusing. It’s commonsense and you probably already know it. Eat more vegetables. Exercise. Keep stress to a minimum. That’s the crux of it (and probably the crux of most reputable books on health and nutrition), but McMillan has presented this information that everybody knows and few people do in a way that makes it very easy to incorporate into day-to-day living. Despite the title, Get Lean, Stay Lean really isn’t about weight loss. It’s about developing healthy, sustainable habits.

A review of The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan

This detox plan is comprehensive, gentle and flexible, providing a fantastic full-body cleanse for anyone willing to commit to the 28-day process. The author is a highly trained Doctor of Natural Medicine and Doctor of Acupuncture. Her dedication to helping others shines through in this holistic cleansing guide.

Interview with Destiny Allison

Destiny Allison truly lives her motto that life is art. As a widely collected sculpture artist and four-time author, each creation bespeaks her passion for life and the search for meaning in the experience. Today we’re talking with Allison about her new book The Romance Diet, her thoughts on social issues, her new release, and what is was like to “bare all.”

A review of Alternate Beauty by Andrea Rains Waggener

Alternate Beauty is a treasure trove of self-realization for more than just the main character; it can be life altering for the reader as well. In her original world Ronnie desires to be a fashion designer. As a youngster, her mother dashed those dreams and although her desire was strong, she let it go to sink her sorrows in food. We all have something we desire to do or have and we let it go due to deep seeded fear.

A Review of the huey diet by Iain Hewitson

 It is a pity that the huey diet is being promoted as a diet book, as it will probably be ignored by non-dieters. The recipes are actually quite good ones, even if you don’t have to lose 30 kgs like Iain Hewitson…

A Review of Killing The Food Monster by Jason Stanley

What is a food monster, and why do you want to kill it? According to Dr Jason Stanley, the Food Monster is the compulsion to overeat, and it stems from deep psychological needs arising from early childhood. Approximately 95% of chronically overweight people have a food monster (and some normal weight folk too). If you do have a food monster, Dr Stanley says that most of the control type programs which weight watchers go on will be ineffective or will only work for a short while, because they deal with the symptoms of weight gain, not the cause.