A review of Get it Done — From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 minutes a day by Sam Bennett

Reviewed by Carole McDonnell

Get it Done
From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day
by Sam Bennett
New World Library
February 11, 2014, 240 pages, ISBN: 978-1608682102

Although this book is ostensibly for artist and others who wish to get some Creative endeavour finished, Get it Done is perfect for anyone and everyone. Although the author has worked with famous creative people, there is a kindness and humility about her that honors the quirky individual issues of artists while still managing not to insult those readers who don’t consider themselves artists, and that is one of the pitfalls often encountered in books written by or for artists. Indeed, the coping skills taught in this book could be used by anyone who procrastinates or loses focus on a tasks.

The book is full of strategies, worksheets, anecdotes, and guidance to help the reader deal with perfectionism, procrastination, lack of focus. Instead of judging the procrastinator, Bennett shows how something valuable and powerful in the procrastinator is causing the delay. She highlights the hidden potential, the perfectionist fears, and the capabilities in such a way that the cynical reader actually believes her.

Get it Done is humorous and accessible, encouraging and enlightening without being judgmental or legalistic. The exercises prod the reader towards self-discovery and the completion of their dreamed-of work without falling into psycho-babble.

This book is highly recommended for everyone, of all ages, and all disciplines.

About the reviewer: Carole McDonnell is a writer of ethnic fiction, speculative fiction, Christian non-fiction, and Christian fiction. Her works have appeared in many anthologies and at various online sites. Her fantasy fiction novels, Wind Follower and The Constant Tower are published by Wildside Press. Her short story collection is Spirit Fruit: Collected Speculative Fiction by Carole McDonnell. Her self-published books are My Life as an Onion, A Fool’s Journey Through the Book of Proverbs, Oreo Blues, and Seeds of Bible Study: How NOT to study the Bible. She can be found at http://carolemcdonnell.blogspot.com/