A review of All Those Things We Never Said by Marc Levy

Reviewed by Carrie Wallace

All Those Things We Never Said
by Marc Levy 
Chris Murray (Translator)
279 pages, May 29, 2012, ASIN: B0087WN25I

High-Quality “Chick Lit” written by a man: you heard here first that it’s possible.

Marc Levy has the distinction of being the most-read French author in the world. His latest, All Those Things We Never Said, is freshly translated into English and highly recommended by Compulsive Reader for a quick and pleasurable read.

The book opens with the death of animator Julia Walsh’s father, which inconveniently forces her to choose between attending his funeral and going ahead with her wedding day. She cancels her wedding, of course. Shortly thereafter, Julia learns that her father had his cerebral cortex downloaded into an android after his death when he appears in a crate in her living room complete with a remote.

Part sci-fi, part magical realism, and all suspension of disbelief, Levy then pulls the reader into a globetrotting journey with Julia and her father, Anthony–or what’s left of him. The android looks exactly like Julia’s father, and she cannot resist asking a few questions along the way.

Like any good father would, he wanted to have six days to cavort around with his daughter. However, Anthony Walsh was too absent to have been a good father, and Julia refused to speak with him for over a decade. Now that he’s dead, they’re finally talking. Ultimately, Julia finds the love she had tried to forget and realizes that her relationship with her father was not as far gone as she had imagined through her adult life. This book could be a real tear-jerker for anyone in a relationship of distant ambivalence with her father, but it’s light read overall. The book may be about how our parents influence us whether we want that or not–or it may be about what a father will do for his daughter–or possibly, it’s a tome about the importance of not compromising when it comes to being in love with a future spouse. All I know is that it was fun to read.

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