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An interview with Jane Novak

Literary powerhouse Jane Novak talks about the changing role of the literary agent, the impact of Covid-19 on the world of books – reading and publishing, trends, predictions, advice, and lots more.

A review of The Publishing Game series by Fern Reiss

Each chapter comprises a week, within which every day is set out. In other words, like any good time management consultant, Reiss has “chunked” the process into a set of fairly simple and straightforward steps to follow, some taking only…

A Review of Successful Nonfiction by Dan Poynter

Successful Nonfiction is a much quicker, and simpler read than Poynter’s other writing books. Rather than the detailed and specific instructions that his other writing books contain, Successful Nonfiction is a series of 109 “soundbites,” or inspirational tips for writers, each a couple…