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A review of Qmin by Anil Ashokan

Ashokan has come up with some nice options that are still Indian, but light, and so nicely presented, that you could serve them to the Queen. Most don’t take hours and hours of reducing either, which is another problem I’ve encountered with Indian desserts. The Kulfi has been drastically simplified by using condensed milk, and when served with figs and walnuts, it’s really lovely.

A review of Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld

But even the fact that this book is all about making your family healthier without a hint of coercion isn’t the reason why I like it. I like it because the recipes are sensational. What Seinfeld doesn’t tell you is that the vegetables actually add significant subtle flavour, depth, and richness to your food. The chocolate cupcakes with avocado and cauliflower were the best tasting cupcakes I’ve ever made.

A review of Gabriel Gate’s Guide to Everyday Cooking

Guide to Everyday Cooking is an all-inclusive primer, with over 200 dishes and lots of information on techniques, ingredients, and kitchen help. As with all of Gate’s books, the focus is on using the freshest and best quality ingredients you can…

A Review of Pasta e Sugo by Maria Ponte

If you are a beginning cook, and looking for a no-frills, easy to use cookbook with a number of well known pasta dishes, Pasta e Sugo might not be a bad choice, otherwise serious pasta lovers may be disappointed with the lack…

A Review of The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook

The Mother of All Cookbooks: A Review of The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook  There are few recipes you can conceive of which aren’t in this book, especially if you are interested in classic American cookery. From the perfect chicken pot…