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A review of Only the Dead by Wolfgang Carstens and Janne Karlsson

I would say that this book isn’t for the squeamish, or those who prefer to think about death as something that doesn’t really happen. I personally think it would make a superb birthday card – a day when everyone needs a little extra reminder that life is worth living “to the point of tears”. Maybe don’t give it to anyone under ten (though I knew a few canny nine year olds who would love it).

A review of Classic Pin-up Art of Jack Cole edited by Alex Chun

In essence, these are single panel cartoons, beautifully composed and drawn as you would expect, accompanied by a gag or punchline. They are pleasing to look at and vaguely amusing, to be sure, but there is none of the surreal, chaotic, rollercoaster quality to be found in Cole’s comic book art.

A review of Terry Denton’s Storymaze Series

So what’s Denton’s secret? First of all, the book contains a quirky narrative interspersed with cartoons. These aren’t the pretty pastel pictures they got with their preschool books though. Denton’s cartoons are only slightly more sedate than Robert Crumb’s Mr…