A review of Thine by Kate Partridge

Who we are and what will happen in the future is a notion that is always evolving in her work. She explores what it is to be an individual existing among so many people and the vastness and inspiration of nature and art. And Kate Partridge questions everything, especially decisions and actions.

A review of Dancing Dots by Brenda Eldridge

There are poems in this collection that describes events which many of us experience like waking at 3.00 am and being unable to go back to sleep, or being super tired after looking after children or admiring a fancy car that we never could afford. Empathy, love, compassion and wishes are also themes in this collection.

An interview with Robbie Couch

New York Times bestselling author Robbie Couch talks with Nick Havey about his latest queer YA romcom, his settings, on baking, why everything is blue, characters and side characters, time loops, mistakes and lots more.

A Predictable Loop: A review of If I See You Again Tomorrow by Robbie Couch

Stories focusing on time travel, or repetitive time travel, have always been spaces to explore the same experience in new ways. Like a choose-your-own-adventure novel, time loop narratives afford the characters, trapped for whatever reason, to try out new choices, new dialogue, and new interactions all in service of unraveling the loop and returning to the timestream they left.

Dreams, Fairies, and Silent Hollywood: A Q&A with Kathleen Rooney, author of ‘From Dust to Stardust’

The inspiration for A Star Is Born, author of a book of financial tips for women, and one of the world’s most famous flappers, Colleen Moore left a legacy that flourishes in Rooney’s new novel, From Dust to Stardust. The book, full of hope, is an elegantly told fictionalized version of her life, under the new name Doreen O’Dare. In this interview, Rooney talks about some of the book’s most powerful themes.