A review of She’s Like a Rainbow by Eileen Colucci

Reviewed by Molly Martin
She’s Like a Rainbow
by Eileen Colucci
Paperback: 308 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1533447272
She’s Like a Rainbow is a well written narrative filled with a highly readable account of Moroccan society woven around a young Moroccan woman, Reema Ben Ghazi. Reema’s story is set against a colouful backdrop, interesting plot twists and turns, well-fleshed out characters and even an interweaving of the American Native story of the White Buffalo, providing thought-provoking concepts.
Colucci weaves a delicate narrative sure to intrigue readers who may want to know more of their own personal story including attributes, ethnicity, and heritage. The book provides a strong moral around our common humanity, whatever our ethnicity, cultural differences, or where in the world we may live. Recognition that nearly everyone is an amalgam of many races, beliefs, and cultures is one of the basic tenets of our society and underpins the book, which moves smoothly between Morocco and New York and tackles family, prejudice and acceptance. Reema’s determined search for resolution leads to surprising answers and serves as catalyst for her personal development.  The book is rich in Moroccan culture, and Colucci provides excellent research and details about the people and culture, as well as depicting a fascinating story of family, self-awareness, and prejudice.
Reviewed by molly martin
30+ years classroom teacher