A review of The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Reviewed by E.D. Randall

The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
by Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Harper Perennial
Paperback: 208 pages, September 26, 2006, ISBN-13: 978-0060520625

Dr. Laura finds it interesting how many women desire to be in love, get married, and live happily happily after. The thought of this is also very beautiful. However, she sees many women disrespect their men and no strong regard for marital values. She also hears them complain about how they are unhappy in their marriages without realizing that they are at fault for many of their problems.Wives complain about every inconsequential issue, whine at their husbands, neglect their husbsnds emotionally, criticize their husbands, and refuse to give their husbands regular sex. How do wives expect to have happy and content husbands when they do all in their power to strip their husbands of their feelings of self-esteem and self-worth?

Dr. Laura shows women how and why they are responsible for many of their marital problems. She provides solid facts, real life examples from other maried couples, and her experiences in advising other women on how to solve their marital issues. After reading this book at the age eighteen, I realized it was my passion to be a loving, committed, and devoted wife.

Dr. Laura’s book is very enlightening. Any woman who reads this book will realize just how much she has to learn. One of the most important lessons a woman can learn from this book is understanding that a man has feelings regardless of his stoic nature. He needs approval, acceptance, and affection. Dr. Laura reminds her female readers that a good man is hard to find. This book will teach wives to not only accept their husbands for who they are, but to love them unconditionally and unselfishly. Dr. Laura has laid the foundation for the principles of a succesful marriage. For her other readers, she has taught them many valuable lessons.
Unlike many marriage and family therapists, Dr. Laura Schlessinger maintains traditional values and is opposed to feminist beliefs. She refuses to see women as the innocent victims while holding men personally responsible for marital strife. Instead, she only holds firmly to the truth. She reveals that many women are not mature enough or big enough to take responsibility for their own behavior.

Dr. Laura also points out that women are, at times, overly critical and hard to please. Suppose a woman marries a man who has a high paying job, is handsome, shares the same values as she does, enjoys children, and is enthusiastic about sex; what more can she ask for? Dr. Laura admonishes wives for nagging their husbands and being fastidious. Wives need to ask themselves one question before they even think about complaining about their husbands. Doesn’t he love me and cherish me? This self-reflective question should change a woman’s attitude toward her husband. Dr. Laura also tells with wives to change their attitudes and behavior in order to see changes in their own husbands.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s principles of value and respect will revivitalize and salvage any dead marriage.

About the reviewer: E.D. Randall is an aspiring writer who has made many unsuccessful attempts over the past eight years to get published. As an avid reader, E.D. finds great inspiration from quality works of literature. “Literature is the best source of inspiration.” E.D. admits openly and proudly. Writing is her favorite form of personal expression, since it enables people to see her for who she truly is. “I want the world to view me as a strong Christian, socially conservative, kind, mature, and intelligent.” Her current residence is in South Florida with her family. This summer she will either be in her own apartment or a piad writing internship.