A review of You Have No Power Over Me by Mark Logie

Reviewed by Magdalena Ball

You Have No Power Over Me
By Mark Logie
23 pages, e-book single, ASIN: B005VF6D3M

You Have No Power Over Me is a rather scary little story about a Daniel, a young boy alone in the park, and Lark, an older man who lives on what he can steal. Both Daniel and Lark are misfits – society’s cast-offs and both seem to be living a lonely, tenuous and dangerous existence when Lark finds Daniel. As Lark wonder how to help Daniel, a newspaper article reveals the child’s troubled situation and Daniel’s own precarious position. In very few words, Logie has created a scenario with plenty of tension, drama, and intrigue. Personally, I’d prefer more character development and could see this easily expanded into a full length novel where both characters backstories – only hinted at through the course of this short piece – were expanded and developed and where we might have some kind of character arc for both Lark and possibly Daniel as well. That said, Logie does well with the space he’s got and goes a long way to develop the character of Lark in particular through interior monologue and point of view:

“When a grownup knows your full name they have power over you.”
Lark couldn’t think of anything to say to that. It was so bizarre, so like
something form a horror film, that he found it troubling; at the very least it sounded paranoid. Lark wondered just what he was involving himself with. But, after nearly two years on the streets, Lark had hardly led a sheltered life — and Daniel needed help, Lark could see that all too clearly. (7)

Lark’s compassion, and Daniel’s strange gifts give the story a supernatural feel, and again, I’d love to see that developed just a bit more, especially in conjunction with Daniel’s story. Between the two characters though, there is charisma and a growing intensity that makes this a fast and engaging read.