A review of Monday Morning Motivation by David Cottrell

Reviewed by Molly Martin

Monday Morning Motivation
Five Steps to Energize Your Team, Customers, and Profits
by David Cottrell
October 27, 2009, 192 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0061859380

Right from the dust jacket protecting the cover and continuing through the pages of the copy, David Cottrell’s Monday Morning Motivation provides the reader with much to contemplate about leadership and how to encourage optimistic energy as is found in the most effective organizations. Part covers the power of energy and motivation, using Einstein’s formula for the Theory of Relativity (E=mc2) as a kind of acronym, with E demonstrating the dynamism found in the business, m represents the ‘mass’ of people within the business, and c representing the conductors transferring energy.  The squared component typifies administration enthusiasm and the multiplier magnitude that dynamism has on the organization.

Chapter 2 looks at energy and motivation leaks. Cottrell notes that stimulus only takes place when vivacity is rigorous throughout the business. The leaks occur when the business is frequently pressed outside its limits by leaders having unreasonable or unattainable goals or methods for challenging outstanding short term outcomes.   Complacency, fostered by stress-free or long lasting success, can also work to negatively influence motivation.In chapter 3, Cottrell looks at the specific role of the people making up the work team, and their potential for making or breaking the organization.

In the second part of the book, The Conductors of Energy and Motivation, Cottrell explores such notions as “Synchronization,” which he claims is indispensable.  When anything is out of sync, the work staff loses single-mindedness and begins to go stale. Keeping objectives simple is the key to keeping employees in sync, especially when used in conjunction standardization of administration strategies.  Cottrell also notes that companies expending concentrated, operative internal communication and a passion for customers are more likely to return larger profits to stakeholders.

The final section looks at optimizing employees through leadership, passion, and involvement. An involved leader is one who has superior ideals and makes good decisions.  the book is easy to read, with margins and blank area for highlighting and note jotting.  Chapter pages are full of sidebars and boxes, making this a good reference. By using some of Einstein’s principles and relating them to the world of business, Cottrell clarifies the requirements for high-achieving organizations. The writing is lucid, succinct, and well presented.

I find Monday Morning Motivation to be a highly understandable work filled with in depth material concerning how to galvanize and sustain the verve needed to spur a team, office, partner or entire working force toward a productive, common goal.  Monday Morning Motivation is a nominee for the Business owner, or manager book shelf, the MBA’s reading list or anyone who finds themselves in a leadership position.  David Cottrell is president and CEO of CornerStone Leadership Institute, prov0iding education, speakers and leadership consultants.  A resident of Horseshoe Bay, Texas, Cottrell has written some 25+ books, is a recognized motivational speaker.

Reviewed by: molly martin