Chess Strategy: Move by Move by Adam Hunt

Reviewed by P.P.O. Kane

Chess Strategy: Move by Move
By Adam Hunt
Everyman Chess, 2013
ISBN: 9781857449976

This excellent introduction to chess strategy uses Everyman Chess’s ‘move by move’ format.  What this means, in essence, is that the exercises are hard wired into the exposition: on every page below a diagram there is a question or two for you to attempt, with the answer occurring later in the annotations.

The book is pretty comprehensive, covering topics ranging from the centre and king safety to prophylaxis and overprotection; from the relatively straightforward to the more advanced and (in the case of overprotection, perhaps) the problematic.  As well, Adam Hunt discusses the skills involved in strategic play: evaluating a position, being resilient in defence and forming a plan.  A final chapter looks at psychology and practical play.

There is a well thought out mix of classic and recent games, including games by Hunt (by no means all wins by the author) and some of his students.  Just to illustrate and underline the point that these are universal principles.

I was impressed by the book and also surprised to learn that it is apparently Hunt’s first: surprised, since he is such an accomplished and engaging writer.  But I wasn’t surprised to learn that he is an experienced chess tutor.  As an IM he clearly knows what he’s talking about, equally importantly he puts across the ideas very well indeed.

A big thumbs-up.

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