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A review of The Persecuted by Krishna Mohana Banerjea

Paromita Sengupta’s “Editorial Notes on the Text” as well as “Bibliography” help us understand the text better and stir our desire to know the life and times of the protagonist, Bany Lall, and like-minded youths thoroughly. It is a must read for every Bengalee, nay Indian, who would love to trace the history of the times, seemingly past and lost in the abyss of time.

A review of Five Plays by Anton Chekhov translated by Marina Brodskaya

Five Plays by Chekhov What can one fruitfully add to the title, a title which accurately and ably, without undue fuss or bother, describes the book’s contents? Well, first one can expand upon it slightly.  The plays in question areIvanovThe SeagullUncle VanyaThree Sisters and The Cherry Orchard.  So, all are what one can call Chekhov’s mature theatrical works.