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An interview with Maren Cooper

The author of Finding Grace talks about her new book, where the idea came from, characters, influences, target readers, and on starting writing later in life.

Interview with Oranmore

Oranmore, also known as Dominick Mereworth, is a poet and playwright. He drops by to talk about his latest book Sparkling Fountain, his inspiration, his writing process, tips for aspiring poets, typical writing day and more.

An Interview with Mark Lefko

The author of Global Sustainability – 21 Leading CEOs Show How to Do Well By Doing Good? talks about the concept of global sustainability and what it means, why it’s important that businesses incorporate global sustainability practices, how and why he chose his interviewees, why the process has been so slow, some examples and mistakes, what led to his own passion for sustainability, the inspiration for his book, and lots more.

An interview with Melissa Pimentel

The author of Love by the Book talks about the inspiration for her novel, about the world of dating and her own experiences, on the relationship between agenting and writing, on dating guides, dating advice, and some of her funniest anecdotes.

An Interview with James Curcio

The author of Party At The World’s End talks about his book, his inspiration, about genres, his influences, current projects, his greatest challenges, his covers, and lots more.

An interview with Lev Grossman

The author of The Magician’s Land talks about his latest book, about his ‘conversation’ with Lewis and Rowling, about writing genre fiction, about the diverse reader response, major influences, about his literary revolution, on the juxtaposition of tech with magic, on leaving academia, being a twin, and lots more.

Interview with Stuart Tett

The creator of the Tintin Young Reader’s edition talks about his love of Tintin, about how he became involved with the Little Brown Young Readers project, why Tintin remains so popular, his work on the series, upcoming titles, his favourite Tintin villain, his other Tintin projects and where to find them, and lots more.

A review of The Paris Review Interviews, volume 1

Overall, Gourevitch’s hope that these interviews will stand “if not as definitive portraits of each artist, then as a significant contribution to such an ultimate portrait, with the added fascination that they are in large measure self-portraits” has been, on my reading, largely fulfilled.

Interview with Andrea Goldsmith

The author of The Prosperous Thief talks about her fourth novel, her characters, ideas and themes, the power of fiction, her research, influences, the novel’s moral centre, her character’s politics and her new work. Interview by Magdalena Ball Magdalena Ball: The…