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An interview with Judy Reeves, author of Wild Women, Wild Voices — Writing from Your Authentic Wildness

The author of Wild Women, Wild Voices — Writing from Your Authentic Wildness talks about her latest book, the “wild” in Wild Women, about “wild voice”, how wild writing is different from other forms of writing, the nature of ‘authentic’, writing explorations, the nature of story, the importance of stories, journaling, creating writing spaces, and lots more.

Interview with Tim Smith

The author of Warning Shot talks about his novel, how he became a writer, his style, his themes, his challenges, his writing process, his characters, his mentors, his new project, and lots more.

An interview with Ceri Radford

The author of Constance Harding’s (Rather) Startling Year talks about her new book, about the blog that gave rise to it, about the relationship between journalism and fiction, between fact and fiction, about future plans, and more.

Interview with Dr Coral Hull

In this courageous and very in-depth interview, the author of Broken Land talks about her extensive body of work, her many ongoing projects, her literary magazine Thylazine, her passions, her politics, and the positives and negatives of life as an empowered multiple.

An Interview with Michael Joyce

The author of Liam’s Going talks about the writing of his latest novel, his characters, on being a “Joyce”, the big themes, on hypertext and his own celebrated hypertext works, the natural weaving of voices in Liam’s Going, on the limitations (and…

Interview with Anthony Bourdain

A Cook’s Tour talks about the pleasures of talking about himself, about being accepted as a guru by the business community, context and memory, the perfect meal, Vietnam, and more.

An Interview with Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Interview with Carolyn Howard-Johnson  The author of This is the Place talks about the inspiration for her book, her characters, the difficulties involved in getting a first book published, her free e-book Cooking by the Book, and her upcoming projects. Interview by Magdalena…

Interview with Gail Sedorkin

 The Author of Interviewing: A Guide for Journalists and Writers talks about the different types of interviewing, interviewing heroes, the best interview she ever did, her own horror stories, her next book, and more.

Interview with Simone Lazaroo

Simone Lazaroo talks about the making of The Australian Fiance, her unique narrative style, the big themes, Australian literature, photography, poetry, and her next work.