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A review of The Writers Room by Charlotte Wood

Most of the writers interviewed came across as incredibly generous, surprisingly humble, and warm and accessible. Wood allowed the writers to approve their interviews before they went to print, and the resulting transcripts are beautifully readable, smooth and lucid, without losing any of the candid nature of the conversations, or the intimacy. I felt, above all, that the information provided in these interviews was a tremendous act of generosity – not just in terms of authors sharing their best tricks, their struggles and their visions, but also because of the way these discussions draw the reader almost directly into the writing process.

A review of What Came Between by Patrick Cullen

Almost more important than the major transitions in these lives are the impact of day to day living – the dust that fills the pores; the washing of clothing; the purchasing of art. What makes this work distinctive is the intensity of the narrative gaze. We learn about the characters through an almost anthropomorphic rendering of the natural world they observe.

Interview with Tim Winton

Tim Winton talks about his latest novel, Dirt Music, Australian literature, the films of his work, the writing process, and more.   Interview by Magdalena Ball Magdalena: How did Dirt Music come about? Tim: Like all books, I guess by accident. I…

Interview with Robert Dessaix

The author of Corfu talks in depth about his latest novel, the theatre, his literary references, on the “redemption of the ordinary”, the possibility of a national literature, roots, the purpose of literature, the value of classic texts, and more.…

An Interview with Kate Grenville

The author of The Idea of Perfection, talks about the genesis of her new novel, about e-books, teaching, being an Australian writer, her latest project and more.