A review of Aboard the Time Line by Bastian Gregory

Reviewed by Diana Lopez

Aboard the Time Line
by Bastian Gregory
Vanguard Press
May 21, Paperback, 162 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1800160019

Aboard the Time Line by Bastian Gregory features Pete, a young boy who begins his adventures in the classroom. At first, he felt so bored that he believed time was standing still. When he discovered that everything had indeed stopped, he decided to investigate things further. This was the beginning of a number of interesting events. He met a dinosaur named Reginald Raptor, and together they embarked on a very special journey along  the Time Line. This was done on an ancient railway system that made it possible to travel between various locations and across timelines, so they could visit places like ancient Greece or Victorian London amongst others. Along the way, Pete made new friends whom he helped as he attempted to resolve his situation. He also had to  confront the fearsome demons of a world he is just getting to know.

Aboard the Time Line is a fantasy with many historical references. Young readers will be entertained and find the story educational. Bastian Gregory has a creative mind, describing settings in detail as well as all kinds of different creatures. I admired Pete because he represents the virtue of friendship. Even when he is concerned that he can’t solve a problem, he does everything he can to help others and never gives up. He moves from one adventure to another, providing fascinating reading. The story remains easy to follow. The book has simple but imaginative illustrations that help you participate in a journey where everything is possible.

The book won a gold award from Readers Favourite where the review was first published. Find the book here: https://pegasuspublishers.com/books/bastian-gregory/aboard-the-time-line

Author biography: Bastian Gregory was born in 1997 and spent a happy childhood in Singapore, Hong Kong and Denmark. He went on to study creative writing in Winchester, England. He was a wild and free thinker, a kind, gentle son and brother and a good friend to many. Bastian had Asbergers Syndrome and suffered from depression. He left us just after his twenty-third birthday to be, in his own words, reincarnated ‘as a cosmic tree with solar winds and alien doves rushing through my branches’. He leaves behind this book and a collection of poems.