Interview with Lois Hermann

Interview by Christine Snyder

What Is Chronicles of Hope?

The first in a series, Chronicles of Hope promises to bring hope in these times of violence, destruction, and crisis in our world. Through several hypnosis sessions with a Board Certified Hypnotist, I got answers to long sought after questions on the downward shift of negativity in the world as it relates to energetic imbalance, what physical negative energy is, and how to help alleviate the overabundance of hate, greed, guilt, and fear. I was working with my client, Gary Scott, on sleep issues, when the sessions took a surprising turn to conversations with the Anquietas, who are concerned with the direction of humanity, and want to help shift the state of the world back to the positive. The book details specific, doable instructions on how to reverse today’s world crises across all levels.

Why Is Chronicles of Hope So Timely?

The world is experiencing seemingly unexplainable negativity on unforeseeable levels. Many are perplexed and troubled about the current events highlighted on the world news. Why are we seeing record levels of destructive storms and natural disasters, violence and crime, political upheaval, animal extinctions, poverty, hunger, environmental pollution, and disease? Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas, Book 1, explains WHY this is happening, but more importantly, HOW we can reverse the downward spiral. But the time is now. Earth is in crisis, and humanity may not have much time left.

Who Are The Anquietas?

Pronounced (ohn-kwee-A-tus), Anquietas is from the ancient Greek language, meaning “Ancient Ones.” They tell me they are wise spiritual beings (Wise Ones) present since the beginning of time. They speak to me through Gary, who is in a hypnotic trance. The Anquietas speak in authoritative, knowing language about their concern for the unrest and disturbances on Earth, along with the planet and humanity. They share their knowledge with insight for all of humanity so that we might help to change the world for the better.

Who Should Read This Book?

Anyone who is concerned about the state of the Earth, the environment, or humanity and would like to help shift the balance back to the positive, should read this book. Any human being can help to alter the world’s negative course with the knowledge, insights, and specific instructions contained here. In particular, those in the fields of holistic wellness, the spiritual and metaphysically-minded, as well as environmentalists, will find this work useful. Hypnotists and energy workers, including holistic practitioners, medical professionals, and caregivers will learn how to keep their energy strong, so they can do the important healing work they are called to do.

How Is The Book Formatted?

The intention of this book is to share the words of the Anquietas exactly as stated, without bias. The Conversations sections detail the actual words spoken in each of the 11 hypnosis sessions. Since the sessions can sometimes be dense and challenging to understand, with decades of experience as a board certified hypnotist, I provide explanatory comments along the way to help clarify important information. The Reflection sections offer brief summaries of the conversations, outlining what they potentially mean. The Highlight sections provide organized lists summarizing each sessions’ high points. The book can be read from beginning to end, or consumed in parts, depending on your reading style. The book offers a comprehensive Glossary of Terms for your reference.

When Will The Book Be Available?

August 8, 2019. Visit here to purchase: It’s also available on Amazon and other outlets.