A review of Dream Catcher by Margie Shaheed

Reviewed by Lorraine Currelley

Dream Catcher
by Margie Shaheed
NightBallet Press
ISBN 978-940996-88-2, 2017,$10, 32pp

Margie Shaheed’s poems do not disappoint. She brings new experiences to her audiences with each collection. We do not have to struggle and work to discover the contents of her poems. She shares them in language that is descriptive, metaphorical, clear, and precise. She wants her readers in the room with her. We do not have to know these experiences first hand in order to identify with her characters. It is the universal human truth which captures our interest and imaginations and provides connection. Margie Shaheed is not a poet with a gimmick. You won’t find her rehashing text as though it were some recording. Neither will you find yourself wondering where you heard these lines before. It’s clear she has a rich well of creativity from which to draw.

There are many wonderful poets, whose work I enjoy reading. Poets who care and are invested in their work and poetry as a genre, she’s one of them. She’s not a audience
pleaser, she writes for herself, she has stories to tell. It is up to us to decide whether or
not we identify. We quickly discover, we do.

Margie Shaheed’s Dream Catcher poems are eloquently woven word quilts. Life-filled, sensual, powerful, tender, courageous and unapologetic. Her poems are beautiful, richly crafted testaments written by a woman who knows and understands life in its many nuances. She does not shy away from these nuances, she faces them head on. There are specific poems that resonate with me more than others. Her poems “Age Has Found Me,” “When We Get Together,” When Love Is The Answer,” “Dream Catcher,” and “Kneel and Be Spotted, “ remind us why we read and enjoy poetry. Margie Shaheed’s voice is one I look forward to hearing more from.


About the reviewer: Lorraine Currelley is a poet, writer, activist, educator, storyteller, multidisciplinary artist, mental health and grief and bereavement counselor. She’s the Founder/Executive Director of Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. She facilitates poetry
and creative writing workshops, produces featured poetry readings, open mics, panel discussions and a scholar lecture series. She’s widely anthologized and the recipient
of numerous honors. She resides in New York City. Find out more about Lorraine
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