A review of Thru the Fire by Vincent Ware

Reviewed by Ginger Robinson

Thru the Fire
By Vincent Ware
Julia House Publishers
ISBN 0-9707804-0-0

“Cast off the bonds of consciousness! Surrender yourself and you will arrive. I will impart to you my roads of ecstasy but I am the chauffeur you must let me drive.” These are words from the small book that houses a powerful collection of poetry. These poems are full of passion and emotion. Line by line you’re pulled in and a very succinct web of personal feelings unfolds until each story has been fully shared.

I didn’t like the foreword. I wished it had been written by the author himself. I wanted to know what inspired these writings. As a reader you can’t help but wonder where the writer was in life when all of this took place. I felt like for this particular book no one could give a better introduction and insight into these writings than Vincent Ware himself.

Thru the Fire is an intimate dance of words with vibrant imagery to tell its tale. The poetry has such intense passion and love that you literally feel it. I didn’t try to interpret Mr. Ware’s poetry as far as why he wrote them or what he was feeling; instead I just chose to feel it. And feel it you can. The book is artistic and can be likened to reading fabulous erotica. I believe all readers will not be able to deny feeling these poems. They are stories of life, love, and passion begging to be undenied. The poems convey indifference and anger that rears its head in the midst of and also frustration. If you have experienced love or passion you will be able to relate. Even if you are unable to relate, you’ll be able to experience the major production.

In Thru the Fire Vincent Ware has written poetry that is erotic and hypnotic with vivid imagery. The author’s absolutely sensual descriptions can make you blush and smile in understanding. The pulse quickens and the pupils widen as you read Thru the Fire. I felt as though I stepped into a portion of Mr. Ware’s world – the past and the present. You must take your time when reading this selection of poetry and perhaps read more than once, out loud to the object of your desire.

About the reviewer: Ginger Robinson writes and lives in Texas with her husband and children. She loves to read, write and be published.